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Feb 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
do military policy or tactics. we don't to foreign policy or tactics. we try to look at the process. if you say this is your program, this is your policy, this is the reason why you're doing it and receive it is done correctly, do you mean when you articulate is the reasons for doing it. i hope that answers that. we do recognize intangible. we do recognize that, and as i said, in the presentation, there may be programs that will not meet any of these questions, but still, we should do them. if so, articulate why. tell the taxpayer, tell us when we come by looking at the project. turning to the doctor, and i hope i get all of the res ponces. we are looking. i apologize the shortened it. rio achaean saw the planning. i'd agree with you. we're having a problem finding out what can the planning is going on. trading the speech is the kind of getting people into we hope you're doing the planning and when you are you keep these questions in mind. i was just seven afghanistan asking why you're planning. can you show us the plans? rihanna seen them. we assume they're there. we're told they'r
Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
spelled his policy agenda and i'm sure he has a great deal to address as he takes this important and challenging time. >> one for me and i'm a loop around the table. as you know, foreign minister today talk of the council on foreign relations moderated by david sanger of "the new york times" of mother she said terms of the power in afghanistan that the united states is leaving without determining what you accomplish object is in chief at the border with pakistan has become less well managed. you describe a very construct is, happy relationship. is our policy in terms of afghanistan one of the sore points? >> i think what we're looking at now is clearly a sense in pakistan that has the drive down approaches, there are worries of course about how responsible this exit will be we are of course invested in making and ensuring that the region remains a stable and peaceful as possible. i think it is perfectly easy to understand why there is a calendar of imminent anxiety attached to the straw down and these imminent anxieties are informed by our counter with the united states in the re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2